Poster by Wendie

Questions and Answers

PF2 Team - Jun 2, 2022

A while back we asked on our Twitter if you had any questions regarding any aspect of PF2. We’ve gone through and answered them to the best of our ability.

Some of these were joke questions but we have treated them as genuine in the event that someone asks again.


Will grenades ever be changed? More specifically, will frag grenades remain a part of the game when class specific grenades exist already.

  • We don’t have any plans to remove the additional frag grenades most classes have. Removing half the grenade options for almost all classes goes against the core appeal of the mod.

    With every update comes new adjustments to grenades, but how they work mostly remain the same.

Shotgun for Medic?

  • A shotgun allows the medic to play way too far outside of his intended TF2 role. In magazine promo’s for TF2 from late 2006, statements such as:

    “The medic has been completely changed in terms of how he works to previous TF”

    “The medic class has been thoroughly gutted and redesigned”

    were made, which is a pretty clear indication that in 2006, the era the mod is based on, the medic was likely closer to the TF2’s incarnation than he was to TFC’s.

We need a crowbar or all class melee weapon!

  • Our first attempt in 2020 did not pan out well and we felt it did not add much to the game. At the moment we have no plans to add reskins.

Will you remove the slowing effect of the Tranquilizer Gun? It’s one of the worst things than can be done to a game like Team Fortress.

  • The Tranquilizer Gun has gone through a lot of development to get to where it is today. It will remain a part of PF2’s identity and is not leaving.

    In 0.7, we nerfed the Tranquilizer Gun so that the effectiveness of the slowing effect is based on the shooter’s distance from the victim. The further away the shooter is from the victim, the less effective the effect is.

Will the unique voice lines be restored since you’re moving away from being entirely beta-accurate?

  • We’re restoring the unique voice lines as their absence negatively impacted the playability of the game. It made it more difficult to quickly communicate certain messages such as calling out a spy or an upcoming sentry. We’ve left in the beta death screams as we enjoy their charm.

Will the Silenced Pistol be reconsidered down the long run?

  • Other weapons have and continue to be considered, but the silenced pistol is a weird one. It was is in a piece of concept art that has the spy holding it. In Team Fortress Classic, the model for the Tranquilizer Gun is a silenced pistol, meaning it was likely meant to be a Tranquilizer Gun in that concept art.

Will grenades be their own weapon slots?

  • If you mean like a weapon that appears in your weapon selection HUD, no. Grenades work the way they do because that’s how they functioned in the beta and prior Team Fortress games.

Bot support?

  • We expect bots to be a part of PF2 in the 0.8 update. It has been a priority for some time, but finding a dedicated developer has been tricky since we would have to tune the bots for PF2’s gameplay.

Will the servers be fixed?

  • We’ve resolved the crashes that were present in 0.6, but there’s always the possibility of a new unforeseen bug.

Will you guys ever update the menu?

  • There is a new main menu.

Will you add the female mercs?

  • The female version of the mercs in TF2 were not conceived until after the game’s release and not within the scope of our mod.

Are you going to nerf area of effect grenades like napalm, nail, and gas grenade?

  • Those grenades have received changes to reduce their potency, both directly and through the implementation of other mechanics.

Will you add the spawnroom turrets from TFC?

  • They’re implemented in-game but as of right now no maps shipping with the next update will utilize them.

Will you add items that were cut after TF2’s release?

  • To name a few repeated item requests: The Repair Node, Fire Retardant Suit, DNA Gun, the Walkabout, the Catcher’s Mitt, and the Overhealer were designed after TF2’s release. They will not be featured in our game.

Will you add the Escort gamemode, 4-team and other concepts from from TFC?

  • Adding the Escort and 4-team gamemode is still up in the air, likely as a way to support existing community maps. The primary reason against the inclusion of these is because we don’t really have anything to bring to these gamemodes that isn’t done better elsewhere, other than the inclusion of grenades.

    If we get to these gamemodes, we will spend a lot of time making sure they’re of good quality and not just an afterthought.

Why do PF2 updates take so long to come out?

  • The PF2 Team is primarily comprised of students. For the most part, our relatively small team works on PF2 as a hobby between semesters. While we do have dedicated developers who are not in school, one or two people can not do all the work required to ship out an update themselves.

When can we expect another update?

  • We had originally hoped to release it during Summer 2022, but the scope of the update was reevaluated and the update would need to take more development time then expected. Unfortunately this is an outcome far too familiar to a lot of game developers. We will deliver 0.7 when its quality is to our liking.