The 0.7.1 Update - Maps

Bridge, Trainyard, and the Control Point

Funicular - Apr 15, 2023


Welcome to Bridge, our newest Arena map. It’s a small sized map comprised of 2 spawn areas, an interior cave area and and a tower looming over a canyon. The capture point is enabled after 45 seconds, unlike most arena maps that activate after a minute. Once activated, a bridge will extend outwards, connecting the interior area with the tower, allowing people to quickly engage each other on the tower and fight over the point.

The initial concept of this map is based on cp_bridge, an earlier version of cp_gravelpit, which was found hidden in the visgroups of the January TF2 leak. The inspiration taken from this unused layout made for an interesting symmetrical Arena mode layout, which lead to the creation of Bridge.

Bridge was created from start to finish in 4 days. The very first test for Bridge was very successful with little to no gameplay flaws. I went on to dedicate 3 days non-stop to artpassing the map. The map was mostly complete by then, but over the next month it went through small tweaks to the detail from me and Sploink.

Initially, there was meant to be a completely different spawn rooms that would had their own bridge connection to the control point. These spawnrooms were inspired by environmental spytech concept art that was believed to be Ravelin, but they were cut out early in development since they would have gone against the initial concept of the map.


Trainyard is based off the SDK version of Lumberyard. Its side areas have been changed to be more interesting and less flat. I’ve added more pickups, and has been re-artpassed to look like its older version, which was Badlands styled.

This was found out by two January TF2 Leak maps going by the names of Trainyard 2 and 3 which were both Arena mode maps. The skybox of Lumberyard is also called “Trainyard” which directly relates back to these 2 Trainyard maps. It’s also assumed Lumberyard was a very late name change which does let us know that Trainyard 1 was Lumberyard. Finally, the concept art for the Alpine style has the badlands art style, but painted over.

New Control Point Model

The new control point model was discovered by Kristofer, one of our devs, within the January TF2 Leaks. We believe that this model was used in combination with the beta holograms. I made the model and textures based off the retail version.