The 0.7 Update

PF2 Team - Nov 18, 2022

After over a year of work, we’re happy to finally release the long awaited update 0.7 for Pre-Fortress 2!

This update has an immense amount of changes and if you’re interested in a more in depth look at grenades, the new menu, or a preview of our maps, view the links below.

Patch Notes

Notable Changes

  • PF2 no longer mounts Team Fortress 2
    • If your content uses assets from TF2, they must now be added to PF2 or packed into the map.


  • Added the ability to throw the flag (bound to L by default)
  • Decreased invisibility when bumping into enemy players
  • Reduced effectiveness of infection
    • Duration of 12 seconds with 6 damage dealt every 2 seconds
  • Removed being able to destroy sappers with a gun
  • Added King of the Hill support
  • Added Payload and Payload race support
  • Added Arena support
  • Added building hauling
  • Added level 3 buildings
  • Slightly nerfed grenade jumping
  • Nerfed grenade damage dealt to self when grenade jumping
  • Reduced the distance Heavy travels from grenade jumping
  • Cart now has an outline all players can see
  • Players will now have an outline after picking up intel


  • Every grenade now has a view model
  • Completely changed how grenades bounce off the world, now behaving more like a GoldSrc grenade
  • Beeping system is now similar to Team Fortress Classic’s
  • Reduced intensity of the concussion effect
  • Added the command pf_accessibility_concussion which changes the concussion effect to primarily affect the crosshair
  • Alternative concussion effect is now the default
  • Caltrops now open in a set pattern and face up when active
  • The nail grenade now fires more predictably
  • Added ability to disarm grenades by striking them with a melee or firing a weapon at it
    • Striking any grenade with a melee will disarm it instantly
    • Firing once at a Frag and Caltrop grenade
    • Firing twice at a special grenade
  • Changed the throw arch to match players view
  • The gas grenade now inflicts a basic hallucination effect and melts armor while inside the area of effect
  • Thrown grenades will deal a small amount of damage when bouncing off a player
  • Grenades no longer collide with respawn room visualizers
  • Grenades can explode in spawnrooms again
  • The Gas Grenade no longer needs to be on the ground to detonate
  • Disguise is now removed when throwing a Gas Grenade.


  • Weapons now have a set weapon spread
  • Pipebombs now fizzle when shot instead of exploding
  • Pipebombs use the same physics as the grenades for easier placement
  • Pipebomb launcher now has 8 pills
  • Reverted nails to only show client-side projectiles
  • The muzzle flashes, both models and particles, are no longer affected by your FOV
  • Converted all weapon view models to L4D style view models
  • Halved nail gravity
  • Added the command pf_sniper_toggle_charge which makes it so the Sniper rifle to requires a second press to fire
  • Added flamethrower alt-fire muzzle flash effect
  • Added a charge mechanic to the Flamethrower alt-fire.
    • Charging the flamerocket increases both the distance and damage
    • Charging the rocket will interrupt flames
  • The wrench and syringe are now lag compensated for both teams
  • Weapons now have Critical glows and particles
  • Slightly increased the Syringe’s range to more easily hit friendly players
  • Sniper rifle now has a laser to indicate if the sniper is charging
  • Flipped viewmodels will now fire projectiles from the correct side
  • Slightly nerfed the damage of the Frag, EMP, and MIRV grenades
  • Medic SMG slightly nerfed
  • Scout’s Nail gun has a clip size of 50 and a reserve of 150
  • EMP damage reduced from 120 to 90

Class changes

  • Reverted Scout’s speed down to from 450 hu/s to 400 hu/s
  • Increased Scout’s health from 75 to 90
  • Reduced Demo’s armor from 120 to 100
  • Reduced Demo’s health from 175 to 90
  • Reduced Engineer’s health from 125 to 80
  • Reduced Soldier’s armor from 250 to 150
  • Reduced Soldier’s health from 200 to 100
  • Reduced Heavy’s armor from 300 to 225
  • Reduced Heavy’s health from 300 to 100
  • Reduced Medic’s health from 150 to 90
  • Reduced Pyro’s health from 175 to 100
  • Reduced Sniper’s health from 125 to 95
  • Reduced Spy’s armor from 100 to 50
  • Reduced Spy’s health from 125 to 90
  • Changes to armor penetration make classes feel less tank-like
  • The flag speed penalty is now specified per class instead of every class being slowed down by 25%
  • Added the Spy cloak buff from Live TF2 (20% damage resistance from all sources when cloaked, and reduced duration on debuffs)
  • Armor repairing no longer takes away metal from Engineers


  • Updated the Revolver texture
  • Updated control point beam shader parameters to more closely match the beta’s
  • Added Infection kill icon
  • Added Mat49 kill icon
  • Updated dispenser screens
  • Updated various kill icons
  • Updated destroy PDA screen to use beta teleporter
  • Updated menu background images
  • Added additional beta inspired textures
  • Added all necessary TF2 textures and models.
  • Updated various sign textures
  • Consistent Engineer’s viewmodel gloves texture


  • Updated Armor Pack model
  • Updated Grenade Bucket model
  • Updated Soldier’s grenade body group
  • Updated Scout’s model to include headset bone
  • Updated Sniper’s club model
  • Updated nailgun model to have a drum
  • Added Mat49 smg model for Medic
  • Added Pipebomb Launcher model for demo
  • Added beta styled teleporters
  • Added HD Sniper Rifle
  • Added Spytech cart
  • Added new flagpole model
  • 2Fort cow now has some new friends


  • Added Beta 3rd person soldier shovel animations
  • Added first person grenade animations for all classes
  • Added loser animations
  • Added headshot animations
  • Added backstab death animations
  • Updated Grenade launcher positioning
  • Grenade launcher now held with two hands
  • Updated various animation sound events
  • Updated nailgun first person animations


  • Added infection head and player particles
  • Added hallucination head particles
  • Updated napalm particles
  • Updated fire particles
  • Updated gas grenade particle to better represent its area of effect
  • The Medigun now uses Live TF2’s beam particles for better visibility
  • All weapons now have proper crit trails
  • Added Spytech Cart EMP explosion


  • Updated Grenade Bucket pickup sound
  • Updated Armor Pickup sound
  • Updated Nail Grenade sound
  • Updated Concussion Blast sound
  • Updated Gas Grenade sound
  • Updated the EMP sound
  • Updated sentry scanning noise
  • Added selection menu music
  • Added grenade defuse sounds
  • Added incendiary rocket sound
  • Added Medic SMG sound
  • Restored player specific voice lines
  • Added a detach sound to the Medigun
  • Updated low health alert sound
  • Updated minigun firing sound


  • Renamed ad_dustbowl2 to pl_goldrush
  • Removed the pf_cp_flag command. Attack/Defend with a flag is done on a per map basis
  • Added the spawn room turret for future use.
  • Maps without any armor packs will restore armor with health kits

Existing maps

  • 2Fort
    • Updated blue intel floor tiles.
    • Updated lighting to more closely resemble the beta.
    • Updated various team related textures
    • Added color correction.
  • Dustbowl
    • Moved the final cap’s left red spawn resupply locker back to its retail position to mitigate grenade spam
  • Gravelpit
    • Removed flag
  • Well (CTF)
    • Replaced ramp from sniper battlements to the attic with an elevator
    • Changed the lighting to night.
  • Target (PF)
    • Now includes rooms for the the ceiling and floor variations of the spawn room turret
    • Removed various assets
    • Unpacked map assets

New maps

  • Goldrush (PL)
    • Converted ad_dustbowl2 into pl_goldrush
    • Features final point from Badwater based on early screenshots of Goldrush
  • Badlands (CP)
    • Updated textures to resemble early screenshots of Badlands
  • Crossover (KOTH)
    • Reimagined TFC map
  • Well (Arena)
    • Uses sunset lighting found in early screenshots of TF2
  • Powerhouse
    • Added armor support


  • Updated class selection icons, class portraits and HUD portraits
  • Added a brand new main menu (Old menu still available via the -oldui launch option.)
  • Cleaned up CTF hud and improved the arrows functionality
  • Added HUD indication for low armor
  • Added low health, low armor and armor depletion sound alerts
  • Certain HUD elements are now excluded from cl_drawhud
  • Added a PF2 specific section to Advanced options
  • Added simplified disguise kit option
  • Updated minimized HUD mode
  • Added the armor repaired stat to the stat summary menu
  • Engineers now see an armor speech bubble when a player calls for medic
  • Added health account numbers
  • Moved the stats menu to a tab in the load out menu
  • Updated condition icons
  • Added crit backgrounds for both teams to the kill feed
  • Added a grenade detonation timer HUD
  • Added disguise status HUD
  • Added updated TargetID
  • Ubercharge HUD now shows the Uber percentage
  • Low ammo HUD warning
  • Added a PF2 specific tab in the create server dialogue
  • Added icons to the grenade ammo HUD element
  • Updated scoreboard to be similar to live
  • Updated font on target ID element
  • Updated font to TF2C
  • Updated various bucket icons
  • Added various new advanced options


  • Updated the codebase to use the v143 toolset/C++17
  • Discord RPC support on Linux and Mac OS
  • Marked mp_restartround as a cheat due to it causing unresolvable issues
  • Many changes to enable friendly fire to function correctly
    • Will not work inside spawn rooms
    • Certain weapons are excluded such as the syringe, heal grenade and wrench
    • Added mp_friendlyfire 2 which will only do push back and events but not actually deal damage
    • Unmarked tf_avoidplayers as a cheat
  • Added more I/O and variables for the flag entity
  • host_timescale now affects sound pitch
  • lastdisguise will now switch disguise weapon to matching active slot
  • cl_burninggibs now functions as intended
  • Added command tf_delete_temp_files
  • Added Uber flashing drain penalty
  • Added voice command spam penalty
  • Added bell alert when the Sniper rifle is fully charged
  • Added flamethrower “sizzle” sound when hitting a target
  • Minigun ejects shells with as ammo is depleted instead of it being an animation event
  • Medics receive damage events from their target
  • Explosions now affect ragdolls
  • Restored functionality of builds alerting engineer after any drop from 100% health
  • Medics now receive the damage events dealt by their healing target
  • Updated intro video
  • Removed “Use More Gun” achievement
  • Renamed “Rain of fire” achievement to “Ring of Fire”
  • Local servers are now labeled “Pre-Fortress 2” instead of “Half-Life”
  • Updated Discord RPC icons and maps

Source Mod Plugins

  • Source Mod is now supported using PF2-Tools.
  • Special thanks to Conneath
  • All base TF2 plugins should function with slight adjustments


The Fat Finger

Kill an enemy Spy with a remote Dispenser or Teleporter detonation.

Heads up

Kill an enemy by hitting them directly with any grenade type.

Special Kind of Medicine

Simultaneously heal 3 or more teammates with the Heal Grenade.

Out with a Bang

Kill both an enemy and yourself with a Frag Grenade at the same time.

Trophy Kill

As a Sniper, kill 5 Heavies caught in caltrops.

+1 Hidden Achievement

Have fun!

Bug fixes

  • Drowning no longer affects armor
  • Fixed concussion view angles going too far out
  • Disguised Spies can no longer pick up the intelligence
  • Fixed gas and nail grenades still playing sounds after deletion
  • Fixed napalm particle effect remaining after deletion
  • Nails emitted by the nail grenade are now deleted with the grenade
  • Fixed the armor hud background not always updating
  • Fixed a crash when updating the armor repaired stat
  • Fixed a crash relating to orphaned nails
  • Fixed sentry muzzle lights spawning at the world origin
  • Changed consistency of auto healing with the Medigun
  • Fixed hit sounds not working when a delay is set
  • Fixed flag arrow disappearing when facing exactly forwards or backwards
  • Fixed the sniper rifle muzzle flash not appearing in 3rd person while zoomed
  • Fixed the beta explosion effect only exploding upwards
  • Environmental suicides now attribute an assistor
  • No longer allowed to disguise while taunting or taunt while disguising
  • Fixed sentries not respecting pf_muzzleflash
  • Fixed the Minigun muzzle flash particle remaining on round end
  • Fixed the gas grenade particle emitting at weird angles
  • Fixed the microphone icon overlapping the dead icon in voice chat
  • Fixed EMP lightning arcs appearing through walls
  • Fixed crashes relating to the grenade’s physics meshes
  • The Medigun now heals the broken leg condition
  • lastdisguise will now remember the previous team
  • Stopped blood emitting from concussion blasts
  • Spies can now cap control points if disguised as their own team
  • Fixed pistol fire rate going higher than normal when spamming fire
  • Fixed grenades remaining on players after throwing
  • Fixed a texture not rendering properly when medic ubered
  • Fixed spies getting damaged after backstabbing someone if on top of them


Client Commands

  • pf_accessibility_concussion Enable a less nauseating concussion effect, instead affecting the position of the crosshair
  • pf_armor_alerts_depleted Enable the depleted armor alert sound
  • pf_armor_alerts_low Enable the low armor alert sound
  • pf_armor_alerts_low_percentage Percentage when the low armor alert sound plays
  • pf_armor_alerts_volume Armor alerts sound volume
  • pf_disable_hands Disables viewmodel hands
  • pf_grenade_hud_timer Enable the grenade ring timer HUD
  • pf_grenade_hud_timer_scale Grenade ring timer HUD size scale
  • pf_particle_explosions Re-enables particle explosions (Incase you want to use custom explosion mods)
  • pf_sniper_toggle_charge Sets the Sniper rifle to require one press to start charging and a second press to fire

Server Commands

  • mp_friendlyfire Enable friendly fire. 1=on, 2=events only
  • mp_waitingforplayers_opengates Opens gates while waiting for players
  • pf_allow_voice_spam Disables voice command spam prevention
  • pf_flag_allow_return_on_touch Enable flag return on touch.
  • pf_flag_allow_throwing Enable players to throw the flag.
  • pf_flag_throw_force The force of flag throwing
  • pf_force_crits Force crits to be always on
  • pf_force_flag_speed_penalty Force the speed penalty on while carrying the flag outside of attack/defend.
  • pf_grenade_bonk Enable grenades dealing damage when colliding with players
  • pf_grenade_disarm_shots Number of melee hits required to disarm a grenade
  • pf_grenade_tfc Sets grenade physics to be similar to how they were in GoldSrc
  • pf_healthkit_armor_repair Enable restoring armor from health pickups: -1=Auto on maps without armor packs, 0=Always off , 1=Always on
  • pf_round_end_friendlyfire Enable friendly fire after a round ends
  • Renamed pf_armor_ratio_* to pf_armor_absorption_*

Retired Commands

These are commands that no longer exist in game for one reason or another

  • Removed when it was decided to have the AD flag on a per map basis
    • pf_cp_flag, pf_cp_flag_reset_on_cap, sv_vote_issue_toggle_flag_allowed and sv_vote_issue_toggle_flag_cooldown
  • Removed as armor has been set in stone for balancing reasons
    • pf_armor_enabled and tf_boost_drain_time_armor
  • Removed because they were never used in development and were unlikely to be used outside of development
    • pf_armor_bonus, pf_armor_bonus_multi_explosive and pf_armor_bonus_multi_headshots
  • Removed the ability to disable grenades
    • pf_grenades

Thanks and Credits