The 0.7 Hotfix

PF2 Team - Nov 25, 2022

Update addressing bugs and issues found during the first week of 0.7’s release.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed the server stability issues
  • Fixed the Medic’s Syringe not giving Übercharge upon healing a teammate (Up to 5% Übercharge on full heal)
  • Fixed a bug where some of the pipebombs from the Pipebomb Launcher wouldn’t disappear upon death
  • Slightly buffed Medigun heal rate (12 health per second -> 18 health per second)
  • Fixed a bug where the Medigun detach sound would play if you pressed primary fire without healing anyone
  • Fixed a visual bug where the Pipebomb Launcher’s reload animation would show a stray pipebomb at higher viewmodel FOVs
  • Fixed a case where fully charging the Pipebomb Launcher’s pipebombs would have it disappear
  • Fixed a bug where aiming with the Sniper Rifle while teleporting would enable the scope overlay while not zoomed in
  • Fixed a bug where you could see the enemy’s glow while they’re holding the flag
  • Fixed a bug where Medic’s Heal grenade could heal/infect people through walls
  • Fixed being able to haul a building while priming a grenade
  • Fixed the Tranquilizer Gun not taking ammo away from reserve ammo if it was passively reloaded
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to take teleporters while dead
  • Fixed the Übercharge overlay on DX8
  • Fixed a Spy disguise bug where if you’re overhealed, the disguise itself will stay permanently overhealed
  • Fixed a Spy disguise bug where if you were damaged with a disguise, the disguise health and disguise armor wouldn’t get damage applied to them
  • Fixed hitboxes desyncing after class changing


  • Removed Herobrine Medic
  • Adjusted the bounding box collision on flamerockets and pipebombs
  • Added a unique teleporter blueprint model
  • Updated civilian texture
  • Updated large ammo box texture


  • tf_use_arena_queue, the queue system the Arena gamemode uses, is off by default
  • tf_arena_first_blood, which is the crits that you get from killing someone first in the Arena gamemode, is off by default
  • pf_round_end_friendlyfire, where you can attack your teammates on round end, is on by default
  • tf_delete_temp_files, where spray files are deleted upon exiting the game, is on by default
  • Removed the pf_picmip command, due to instability. Only mat_picmip values from -1 to 4 are allowed.
  • pf_accessibility_concussion, which shakes the crosshair rather than your whole screen, is on by default
  • pf_alerts_armor, which warns you if your armor gets damaged to a certain percentage, is on by default


  • ad_dustbowl: Added func_nobuild brushes to building exploit spots
  • ctf_2fort: Fixed being able to reach the skybox in front of the BLU battlements
  • koth_crossover: Updated clipping on one of the truss models on the RED side
  • pl_goldrush: Fixed being able to go out of bounds, and fixed stage 3’s explosion particle’s orientation being misaligned


  • Added localization for the Hold This Position voice option
  • Added a unique Pipebomb Launcher kill icon
  • Added a closing sound to the Pipebomb Launcher’s draw animation
  • Properly centered the the Medic Übercharge panel
  • Updated default sprays

Pre-Fortress 2 0.7 Hotfix