The 0.7.1 Update

PF2 Team - Apr 15, 2023

A little patch turned into a full blown update…


Click here to learn more about Bridge and Trainyard’s development

  • Added 5 brand new maps:
    • Bridge - located just beyond Gravelpit, Bridge is a highly vertical, fast paced arena map. Fight to take control of the tower or in the facility’s abandoned mines.


    • Trainyard - A retro-esque take on an iconic layout.


    • Chariots - Race against your enemies to take control of a bustling oil refinery.


    • Staredown - An update to a certain 3cp map, turning it from a hellish Powerhouse to an intense Staredown between two competing teams.


    • Badlands (KOTH) - A King of the Hill variant of Badlands.

      Badlands (KOTH)

  • Goldrush
    • Completely revamped the third stage

      Goldrush Stage 3

  • Hydro
    • Added a setup timer in the last rounds
    • Fixed a couple of exploit spots
  • 2fort
    • Fixed an exploit where you can place teleporters in the drop down spawn


  • General
    • Added map logic for all of our Arena maps to end after a team has won 5 times. The absolute limit is 10 rounds. Updated arena_well to reflect this.
    • The flag is thrown instead of dropped upon the flag holder’s death
    • Flags now reset back to their base if they are thrown into trigger_hurt triggers or a func_respawnflag trigger
    • Flags teleport to the last valid spot if they touch a func_respawnroom or func_no_flag_zone trigger
    • Increased the MIRV Grenade’s base damage to 120 (from 100)
    • Increased the Frag Grenade’s base damage to 100 (from 90)
    • Added lead in sounds to the MIRV Grenade, the EMP Grenade, and the Heal Grenade. This lets you know if one of these grenades will go off around you, as these grenades are devastating compared to the rest.
    • Added unique sounds for the grenades, including impact sounds, activation sounds, etc.
    • Removed the infection icon particle that appeared above players and replaced it with a green coloring over the player model
    • Added sounds that play when a player is infected
    • Updated the Blacksmith Achievement to require 5000 armor points instead of 500
    • Updated the Traditional Medicine Achievement to require 10000 health points instead of 2000
    • Added Taunt Kills! The Heavy’s High Noon taunt, the Pyro’s Hadouken taunt, and Spy’s Fencing taunt can finally kill enemies.
  • Soldier/Demoman
    • Added a 20% self explosive damage resistance to Soldier and Demoman (does not apply to grenade jumping)
    • Added a new detonatable pipebomb model for Demoman
    • Buffed the Grenade Launcher’s base damage to 90 damage (from 80 damage)
  • Pyro
    • Decreased the afterburn duration to 6 seconds (from 10 seconds)
    • Decreased the flame rocket radius to 150 H/U (from 198 H/U)
  • Heavy
    • Reduced the Minigun’s rev up and rev down time by 25%
    • Tightened the Minigun’s spread with a variation of 0.08 degrees, from a variation of 0.1 degrees
    • Slightly buffed Heavy’s grenade jumping capabilities
  • Engineer
    • Increased redeploying construction speed by 50% for Teleporters and Dispensers, to mirror Live TF2
    • All of Engineer’s buildings’ construction speed is 50% faster when being hit with a Wrench, to mirror Live TF2
    • Building gibs now give primary and secondary ammo
    • Extended the Sentry Gun’s frag grenade explosion resistance to all hand grenade explosions, and slightly lowered the grenade resistance values:
      • Level 1: none
      • Level 2: 10% (from 15%)
      • Level 3: 20% (from 33%)
    • Gave the EMP the ability to disarm detonatable pipebombs
    • Slightly nerfed the max possible detonation base damage for dispensers (220 damage -> 200 damage)
    • Added a HUD notification for buildings for when they’re disabled by the EMP
  • Medic
    • The Heal Grenade now explodes on teammate impact, similar to a grenade launcher pipe impact on enemies
    • Made the “Special Kind of Medicine” achivement harder to acquire due to the change above, requiring 5 teammates to heal at the same time instead of 3
    • Slightly nerfed the Medic’s Syringe base damage from 65 to 50 to compensate for the infection mechanic
    • The Heal Grenade now grants 1% of Übercharge for every player it heals
    • The Übercharge HUD element now draws while the Syringe is out
  • Sniper
    • Added a bullet tracer to the Sniper Rifle
    • The Sniper Rifle now gibs victims on a fully charged headshot
  • Spy
    • Reverted a change from the previous patch which made Spy disguised fake health and armor update as if they were hurt. This gave away Spies’ disguises too easily.
    • Disguised Spies can now pick up health kits and armor kits to regenerate their disguised health and armor, like Live TF2


  • Added thirdperson grenade animations to all of the classes! Your active weapon will now disappear while the grenade is primed, which will lead into an animation

Demoman's Thirdperson MIRV animations

  • Redid Heavy’s MIRV Grenade viewmodel animations (Thanks DR_Seal)

Animations in 54 and 70 viewmodel FOV respectively

  • Redid both of Spy’s grenade viewmodel animations (Thanks DR_Seal)

Animations in 54 and 70 viewmodel FOV respectively

  • Redid the Scout’s Concussion Grenade viewmodel animations

Animations in 54 and 70 viewmodel FOV respectively

  • Redid the Pyro’s Napalm Grenade viewmodel animations

Animations in 54 and 70 viewmodel FOV respectively

  • Redid the Engineer’s EMP Grenade viewmodel animations

Animations in 54 and 70 viewmodel FOV respectively

  • Updated the Scout class selection animations
  • Updated the Pipebomb Launcher viewmodel animations
  • Updated the Nailgun viewmodel animations
  • Added a thirdperson animation for charging the Sniper Rifle without zooming in
  • Updated the Flamethrower’s viewmodel animations for firing a flame rocket
  • Updated the Syringe viewmodel animations
  • Added a special animation on the Medigun when Übercharging someone


  • Ported many assets and soundscapes from Live TF2


  • Updated the start up intro video
  • Updated the textures of the Pistol, Rocket Launcher, Branding Iron, SMG, and Wrench
  • Updated the Scout, Sniper, Heavy and Demoman player models (Thanks xamps and Chico Carujo!)
  • Detonatable pipes and grenades now gib when shot
  • Added a Defense Turret death animation
  • Gave the MIRV Grenade bomblets trail particles
  • Updated how the detonatable pipebombs interact with the world
  • Added an intro video for koth_crossover
  • Updated the player condition HUD images
  • Added a player condition HUD icon for being on fire
  • Updated Medic SMG sounds and textures
  • Updated Pipebomb Launcher sounds
  • Updated the Heal Grenade texture
  • Updated the MIRV’s BLU texture
  • Updated the bunny cutout model and textures
  • Updated the Sniper’s Club weapon textures
  • Inserted liquid inside the Syringe
  • Updated the Syringe sounds
  • Updated the Übercharge textures for all classes
  • Updated the flame rocket firing sounds


  • Added an option for func_respawnroom to toggle dropping the flag
  • Added proper building I/O for all of the map placed objects
  • Added the building input InputSetBuilder, which sets the builder of map placed objects
  • Ported filter_tf_condition, filter_tf_class, trigger_add_tf_condition, and trigger_remove_tf_condition from Live TF2
  • The flag will now teleport back to its base if it touches:
    • A trigger_hurt with a FALL damage type set
    • A func_respawnflag
  • The flag will now teleport to the last position outside of these triggers:
    • A func_no_flag_zone
    • A func_respawnroom with the flag dropping option on
  • Added func_turret_radius, which is a trigger to delegate the Defense Turret’s radius into a set area
  • Changed the obj_srt_ceiling/obj_srt_ground Hammer Option “Associated Spawn Room” to “Associated Turret Trigger” to accept func_turret_radius triggers rather than func_respawnroom triggers
  • Added a lot of Hammer I/O to obj_srt_ceiling/obj_srt_ground, func_regenerate, and obj_dispenser/mapobj_cart_dispenser
  • Added trigger_catapult from Momentum Mod, which is similar to the implementation of Live TF2’s
  • Added func_flag_no_zone, a trigger to drop or reset the flag.
  • Added the input SetCustomModel for players and pickups (Thanks Open Fortress!)
  • Added Civilian to the filter_tf_class list
  • Added class spawn flags for info_player_teamspawn
  • Added obj_teleporter to the mapping entity list, along with proper I/O
  • Added math_counter_static, which is math_counter but is preserved between rounds
  • Added OnKilledTeam1 and OnKilledTeam2 outputs for tf_logic_arena, for RED and BLU team respectively. Fired when a team eliminates another team in Arena.


  • General backend improvements to the Discord RPC functionality
    • Modified the command pf_discord_class to pf_discord_rpc_show_class_icons
    • Added the command pf_discord_rpc_show_map_icons to toggle map icons
  • Updated the Sniper’s viewmodel arms
  • Updated Civilian Assets (Thanks rain and BlazingCherry!)
  • Added a camera zoom in effect after a taunt finishes
  • Added Infection spreading! The command pf_infection_spread controls this and is off by default. If set, if you are infected, you can infect teammates within a set range, which is controlled by the command pf_infection_spread_range.
  • Added proximity voice chat as an option! Set the command pf_voice_proximity_chat or toggle Voice Proximity Chat in the Advanced Options. With it on, only your voice chat volume will be affected by distance from other players.
  • Added the event owner_object_destroyed, which specifies what object was detonated, and from what coordinates the owner detonated it from
  • Updated the Civilian’s health to 200
  • The News button on the Main Menu now shows the most recent post on the website, whether it’s an update or blog post
  • The Gas Grenade’s viewmodel animation now emits a smoke particle

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed more stability issues
  • Fixed a server crash involving the Defense Turret disarming grenades
  • Buildings’ statuses can now be viewed by spectators
  • Cloaked Spies statuses can be viewed by spectators
  • Fixed a bug where water explosion effects would not play
  • Fixed a bug where kills with the Nailgun/Tranquilzer Gun weren’t credited properly if the killer died
  • Fixed a bug on the Defense Turret where the freeze cam would show the previous killer’s profile picture
  • Fixed a bug where trying to Übercharge with the Medigun while holding the flag would only drop the flag, and not Übercharge anyone
  • Fixed a bug where grenades would go through walls and floors
  • Fixed a bug where spawning players would send a lot of string commands to the server
  • Fixed a bug where the Medigun and Dispenser didn’t heal the patient at times
  • Fixed a bug where grenades would collide with the Nailgun nails, Tranquilizer Gun darts, or Nail Grenade nails
  • Fixed a bug where if players weren’t using the Medigun’s autoheal option, while healing a Scout would permanently speed them up
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed players to self heal as Medic at a faster rate than normal
  • Fixed a bug where Spy was able to go invisible in the loser state
  • Fixed a bug where Sniper can charge the Sniper Rifle in the loser state
  • Fixed a bug where the Medigun would not allow you to Über in some instances
  • Fixed taunt sliding, as this was exploited to desync hitboxes. Server operators can re-enable this by using the tf_allow_taunt_sliding command.
  • Fixed a bug where the Blacksmith achievement for Engineer would count dispenser armor regeneration instead of Wrench repairing
  • Fixed a bug where the Special Kind of Medicine achievement would count the thrower in its requirements
  • Corrected a typo on the default MOTD
  • Fixed a bug where the Engineer’s armor call particle would render incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug with the Trophy Kill achievement counting caltropped Heavies instead of Sniper Rifle leg damaged Heavies (despite the icon depicting a bear trap)
  • Fixed a bug where grenades could be disarmed by Sentry Guns
  • Fixed a bug where healers that aren’t players weren’t properly credited (map placed Dispensers, Payload Cart, etc.)
  • The achievements Traditional Medicine and Blacksmith no longer pull from your class stats, allowing you to properly reset all of your achievements
  • Fixed a bug where grenades didn’t have the ability to inflict critical damage
  • All melee weapons no longer inflict a bullet damage type
  • Fixed a bug where healing numbers would show negative values
  • Fixed the Sniper Rifle’s charge beam particle being orphaned at times
  • Fixed a bug where the EMP wouldn’t disarm sappers on buildings consistently
  • Fixed a bug where if a player is holding a flag, their move_x and move_y aimmatrices would be reversed
  • Fixed a bug where server and client hitboxes would mismatch when switching class (Thanks to Team Fortress 2 Classic for the fix!)
  • Fixed a bug where the last stage of a Payload Race map would not allow you to push the cart
  • Fixed a bug where if a pipebomb is shot, and the shooter changed team, you could damage teammates
  • Fixed holstering viewmodels not disappearing upon deploying your grenades
  • Fixed a bug where a thrown flag would not trigger overtime
  • Fixed a bug where the event log for throwing the flag would read “unknown”
  • The flag glows now properly apply depending on the current gamemode
  • The player_repaired event properly credits dispenser armoring
  • Fixed a bug where if grenade holstering was off, and you threw a grenade, the grenade viewmodel arm would still appear
  • Fixed a bug where if grenade holstering was off, and you had grenade press throw on, you weren’t able to throw your grenade while reloading
  • Fixed a bug where the Armor Repaired scoreboard label would show up in the HLTV scoreboard
  • Fixed a text scaling issue with the Defender/Attackers HUD panels
  • Fixed a bug where if a teleporter was destroyed and still had a matching teleporter, the matching teleporter’s upgrade level wouldn’t revert to level one
  • Fixed a bug where Sentry Guns could shoot off sappers
  • Fixed the grenade throwing sound playing multiple times when the Scout’s Beartraps are thrown
  • Fixed a bug where Sniper Rifle leg shots and Tranquilizer Darts could affect Übercharged players
  • Fixed a bug where if the flag is reset, the OnReturn output wasn’t called
  • Fixed the unnaturally shiny pickup04 truck textures
  • Fixed a bug where classes’ Payload voicelines wouldn’t play
  • Added back some missing I/O for the tf_gamerules map entity
  • Fixed Grenade Launcher pipes occasionally bouncing off buildings and players
  • Fixed the Medigun particle being misaligned from the model
  • Fixed detonatable pipes not being able to be moved by explosives
  • Decreased the amount of particles the Heal Grenade explosion emits
  • Fixed a HUD bug on the Arena win panel where it didn’t show the X Team Wins!/X Team Lost! text


  • Added tf_allow_taunt_sliding, to control taunt sliding capabilities. The default value is 0. Similar to Live TF2’s implementation.
  • Added sv_quota_stringcmdspersecond to control how many string commands a player can send per second. The default value is 20. Thanks sappho!
  • Added sv_spew_stringcmds for server operators to see players’ stringcmds. The default value is 0. (Thanks sappho!)
  • Added net_chan_proctime_limit_ms, which controls the max amount of time in milliseconds a server is allowed to process networking packets. The default value is 128. (Thanks sappho!)
  • Added tf_avoidteammates_pushaway, which turns off the push you get from colliding with your teammates. The default value is 1.
  • Added pf_voice_proximity_chat, which turns on proximity voice chat. People will only be able to hear you within a radius. Just like real life!
  • Added pf_discord_rpc_show_map_icons, a command to toggle map icons. The default value is 1.
  • Changed pf_disable_bunnyhop_cap to pf_bunnyhop_cap, which allows you to input the specific cap as a decimal number, instead of changing it to off or on. The default value is 1.2.
  • Changed pf_discord_class to pf_discord_rpc_show_class_icons
  • Added pf_infection_spread and pf_infection_spread_range. The default values are 0 and 64, respectively.
  • Added tf_weapon_criticals 2, which gives grenades the ability to have random crits.