The 0.7.2 Update

PF2 Team - Aug 26, 2023

Apologies on the wait, we spent extra development time on improving PF2-Tools for server hosts and plugin developers. PF2-Tools is still unavailable on Windows at this time.


  • Updated Engineer’s grenade viewmodel animations to be more consistent with the rest of the classes.

Cleaned up EMP animation

Cleaned up frag animation

  • Updated Scout’s first person Nailgun animations

Cleaned up frag animation

  • Updated Nail Grenade viewmodel animations



  • Updated MIRV first person model to include animated buttons

Beep boop! I'm a MIRV!


  • Added a filter option for voice commands for the chat window
  • Large ammo kits now dispense grenades if there are no grenade packs to be found in a map (Controlled with pf_ammokit_grenades)
  • Added an adjustable freeze cam FOV slider in the advanced options
  • Added a default team icon if the game can’t load one
  • Added new class menu music
  • Added “armor” keyvalue to players for use with AddOutput
  • Improved all of the classes’ eye materials
  • Remodelled the chicken prop
  • Added animated computer reels
  • Updated Grenade Bucket pickup sounds
  • Updated Nail Grenade priming sounds

Balance Changes

  • Scout’s Bear Traps no longer bounce upon hitting a surface
  • Scout’s Bear Traps now inflict damage to enemies mid-air before hitting a surface

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the grenade_disarmed event to receive the thrower and disarmer’s user ID instead of their entity indices
  • Fixed a rare bug with spawn points where team checks and class spawnflags could be bypassed (e.g. Civilian spawning on the wrong team, Soldier spawning in Scout spawns, etc.)
  • Fixed a bug with tauntkills where they couldn’t hurt teammates on round end
  • The final hit of the Spy Fencing taunt now ignores armor
  • Fixed a bug where spamming the scoreboard button while in the class menu would kick players out of the game with a “too many stringcmds” error
  • Fixed a bug with voice gestures where they would not play after throwing grenades
  • Fixed a bug where func_monitor did not render properly on multiplayer maps
  • Fixed a bug where the local player wasn’t counted in the class count on the class menu
  • Fixed a bug where buildings would re-enable on round end if it was disabled by an EMP
  • Removed temporary gametext pertaining to Attack/Defend and Invade flag modes
  • Fixed a bug where the Tranquilzer Gun’s clip would infinitely reload if there is no reserve ammo
  • Fixed a rogue vertex on Sniper’s hat LOD
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Grenade Launcher’s reload animation where the frames would snap erratically
  • Fixed a bug where the Scout’s mic bone would not animate correctly
  • Fixed the Spawn Turret’s name not displaying properly in the kill feed
  • Fixed a Mac OS specific bug where the game would not load past the intro video
  • Fixed a bug with Pipebomb Launcher pipebombs where the bounce sound would play repeatedly if stuck on a slanted surface
  • Fixed class menu music not looping properly at some points
  • Fixed a bug where bullets and explosions could influence the Grenade Launcher’s grenades
  • Fixed a bug where third person gestures didn’t reset on spawn client side
  • Fixed a bug where nails would collide with players, causing their movement to hitch awkwardly
  • Fixed a bug where Arena’s Waiting For Players list didn’t display players properly
  • Fixed a bug where Spies could detonate their sappers using the “destroy” command


  • Goldrush
    • Updated the third’s stage artpass to be more detailed


  • Added pf_ammokit_grenades to control if large ammo kits should dispense grenades
  • Added pf_freezecam_fov to control the FOV of the freeze cam separate from the player FOV